Synthetic Practice & Putting Greens

A-Z Landscaping LLC, is a certified installer of synthetic practice & putting greens manufactured by All Pro Greens.

Synthetic Practice & Putting Greens Are The Answer….


What club are you holding in your hands when you shoot a birdy? How about a par? A bogey?

The Answer!!!! your putter!!!!

Did you know that your short game makes up for 62% of the strokes in an average round of golf? Or that 43% of a round is just putting—–and 70% of those putts are 7 feet or shorter? Yet most golfers spend their time practicing on the driving range and not the practice green….

One of the reasons golfers are driving instead of putting is convenience. It can be difficult to find practice greens that are maintained well or aren’t crowded. It can also be difficult to find the time.

Not anymore! Introducing the professional synthetic turf putting green manufactured by All Pro Greens. An affordable alternative putting green that can be installed virtually anywhere—–even in your own backyard! Imagine, being able to practice those crucial shots anytime conveniently in your own yard….

Greens from All Pro Greens are manufactured with state of-the-art technology and the most advanced synthetic turf available on the market today. Made with a highly durable, ultraviolet treated polypropylene fiber designed to withstand the damaging effects of mother nature. These greens have the same ball rolling and ball holding ability of a country club putting green. They can be installed in several sizes or custom fit to any golfer’s environment….

Contact A-Z Landscaping LLC to “Request an Estimate ” now and MAKE YOUR DREAM A REALITY!!!!

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