Installing Your Landscape Plan…

Installation is normally scheduled to start three to four weeks from the date of the contract signing, and usually takes between three days and a week to accomplish. Unless, your job is extremely large. Then we would be there as long as it takes to complete the job. A-Z Landscaping LLC , takes care of notifying the utilities for marking the property, schedules the delivery of materials and uses our own experienced labor to complete the job

If permits are required, you would need to submit the applications along with the permit fees

Five days prior to the installation, a utility locator service is called to mark the locations of the gas, power, cable and telephone lines. For landscape installations, the process begins with bed definition. The plan is utilized to mark out the bed layout. Plantings that are not to remain are moved to a staging area to be transplanted. Or if they are unwanted they are removed from the site. Weeds and unwanted grass are treated with an application of round-up.

Hardscape items such as decks, patios, or retaining walls are installed next. Product is either delivered by the supplier or brought on site by the, A-Z Landscaping LLC , installation crew. The site is excavated, paying particular attention to maintaining a proper grade for water run-off. Potential landlocked areas are identified and 4″ corrugated pipe is installed to provide proper drainage if requested. Finally, the hardscape item is constructed and the work site is cleared of construction debris.

If the contract calls for irrigation, it is installed at this time. The heads are located on the property according to the plan. Tarps are laid parallel to location of the irrigation lines and the sod is hand cut and placed on the tarps. A trench is dug to the required depth and the dirt is place on the tarp. The system is installed by the irrigation technicians, including the electronic valves, the sprinkler heads, the electronic cable, controller and rain sensor switch. As the lines are installed, the dirt is replaced in the trench and the sod is watered in. The spray pattern for the sprinkler heads is adjusted and the controller is programmed. The owner is instructed on the operation of the system, delivered the back flow instructions, As-built diagram, system warranty and final bill.

The landscape installation is resumed. Large planting materials are installed first. Unless it is a summer installation, in which case the field-dug trees will be postponed until cooler fall weather, if not available as predug B&B. Holes are excavated to half the depth of the planting ball and topsoil blended with bark mulch are mounded around the plant to the height of the root ball. Accent lighting is installed next if requested, with location of the fixtures first and then interconnection with the lighting cable. The transformer/controller is located in an accessible, but out-of-the-way place. Finally, all the beds are covered with a layer of double-shredded hardwood mulch as specified in the Landscape Plan. All pots, tools and miscellaneous items are removed from the work site, and the walks and driveway are blown clean.

The owner is taken on a tour of the new landscape and provided with written plant care instructions and the final bill.

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